Copper Wire 7mm-1 6mm

Copper serves as the most important base metal in the world. It forms various products, the most significant one being copper wire which is used for various electrical and electronic purposes.

We manufacture Electrolytic Copper Wire which is of 99.99% purity free from all types of alloys. The material is drawn into various sizes of fine quality wire through a number of machines. Besides manufacturing of copper wire, the copper metal is also utilized to make a large variety of other products such as power cable, silver copper wire, tin copper wire, etc.

Copper Wire is a core raw material in various cable industries. It is used in various other instruments and machines as it a very good conductor of electricity. In fact it is the ideal abundant metal that can be used in electrical devices. Other properties of Copper such as malleability and ductility also contribute to making it a special metal.

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