Heat Shrinkable Tubing Sleeves

HTG- 2 is a medium wall polyolefin tubing with hot melt adhesive inner wall. It has properties of the excellent insulating and excellent environmental sealing of complex parts. As this tubing shrinks, Molten adhesive flows and is forced into gaps and crevice. When the adhesive cools it forms a seal against moisture and other fluids whilst the outer wall provides mechanical protection. Recommended to applications for wire harnesses, Light cable and its branch, Where requiring environmental sealing of a variety of electronic, Electrical and mechanical applicantions such as connections, Splices etc. Feature: 1. Shrink Ratio: ≥2: 1 2. Operating temperature: - 55º C to +105º C 3. Minimum shrink temperature: 80º C 4. Minimum fully recovery temperature: 120º C 5. Standard color: Black (other colors are available on request)

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