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Rubber Parts For Consumer Electronics

Material: EPDM, Rubber&Plastic, PVC, SILICONE, Viton(FKM), CR(Neoprene), TPE, Nitrile(NBR), Butyl, NR(Natural rubber)NBR(Nitrile), PU, SBR, etc.

Size: 1mm to 150mm high and width. As per your sample or drawings.

Application: All kinds of standard rubber parts:
Washers; Bellows; Bumpers; Bushings; Caps; Cups; Gaskets; Grommets; Pads; Plugs; Rings; Stoppers; Auto rubber parts; Dustproof
Cover; Foot; Grips; Components; Joint boots; Balls; Discs; Guards; Mounts; Sleeves; Vibration absorbers; Spacers; Tips; Expansion Joints, Rubber Collars; Diaphrams, Weatherproof Covers, CV., Rubber Engine Mount, Silicon Beauty Brush, Silicone Bracelet, Rubber Nipple, Rubber keypad and other customized rubber parts.

Main product we can serve you:
1. Silicone rubber product: Silicone sheet/Roll; Silicone extrusion
Seal strip; Silicone tube/hose/pipe/cord; Molded silicone parts.
2. Rubber sheet/Roll; Insertion reinforced rubber sheet; Rubber mat, Anti-slip floor mat; Horse mat.
3. Rubber extrusion profile; Seal strip; Tube/hose/pipe/cord. etc.
4. All kinds of Moulding/Molded Rubber parts.


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